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15 Best MMO Games for Kids

There are days when it is fun to dig out a board game with the kids and play to your heart’s content, but there are sometimes when that just isn’t in the cards and parents turn to online gaming to keep their youngsters entertained. While online gaming doesn’t always have the best reputation, companies who create games geared towards children keep their content appropriate, at the same time teaching them valuable skills, including both teamwork and independence.

There are plenty of single player games, either strategy, puzzle or any other, but MMO games provide a social outlet for children and help them to develop good online habits when it comes to talking with other people, working together to accomplish things and to have a good time. Anything that can serve as a valuable teaching tool to children while also giving them a fun and creative outlet is a benefit to a child when served in moderation.

There are dozens of games out there geared towards children, no matter what their area of interest. Here are some of the most popular and interesting.

  1. Amazing World: Kids have a chance to save the world, at least an online one anyway, by participating in challenges in this game to help defeat an evil Queen.
  2. Animal Jam: Published by National Geographic, parents know that their animal and outdoor loving children will learn a lot by playing this game.
  3. BigLittleBang: Children who are musically inclined have the chance when playing this game to create music online with kids from all over the world.
  4. Club Penguin: Produced by Disney, this is a safe place for children to chat with friends, complete challenges, and even adopt their very own online pet.
  5. EcoBuddies: This game is designed as an educational place for kids to socialize while learning about the social aspects of online gaming.
  6. Fantage: Those who play this game find themselves exploring an online world, customizing a character and playing plenty of fun and educational games.
  7. Lego Legends of Chima: Kids who already love LEGOs in the real world will find this extended universe online will just get their creative juices flowing even more.
  8. Little Horrors: Brave children can play this spooky game and have their chance at becoming a vampire or werewolf to attend a monster school.
  9. Little Space Heroes: Youngsters who play this game have the opportunity to create their own character that then is able to go on an intergalactic journey.
  10. Monkey Quest: Nickelodeon is behind this world ruled by monkeys, while kids have their chance to swing from limb to limb to find treasure from the Monkey King.
  11. Moshi Monsters: For the kid who can’t wait to grow up, this game gives them a chance to design their own home and adopt a pet monster.
  12. Neopets: This long-running game provides a virtual world where children can adopt, train, care for and have fun with their very own online pets.
  13. SecretBuilders: Not online a game, but more so an online community for kids and young teens to experiment in fashion, have a deluxe tree house and hang out.
  14. Stardoll: A game perfect for children who enjoy having an impressive wardrobe and trying out the latest fashions, players create their own doll to accessorize.
  15. Woozworld: Basically an online world where older children ages 8-14 can become a part of a virtual world doing most of the same things they already like doing.
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