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Different Types of MMO Games

Online gaming has grown over the years to several different types of games. While a massively multiplayer online game is a general genre, like regular video games it breaks down further into various categories. With hundreds, thousands, even millions of players for any of these MMO games, it comes as no surprise that there is the audience for a variety of game types. Some people like racing, while others like shooting, strategy or socialization. Many of these online games offer several of these things to their players, but generally, a game is categorized as one.
Some games are just considered to be MMO games but have a general type such as alternate reality games, simulation games, and strategy games. Some of these fall under another category as well, as there can be alternate reality games that take the form of role-playing games. There are subcategories, and even very custom categories depending on the player.
Ragnarok Zero Fantasy MMORPG
While there are many different types of MMOs and spin-offs and combinations, there are generally a few that are considered the main genres of the game. Here are some of the most common forms of online massively multiplayer games and their shorthand.

Battle Arena (MOBA): A game of strategy that is typically a real-time action strategy (ARTS) game where the player is in charge of one character who is part of one of the two teams.

Bulletin Board Games (MMOBBG): These games use images as an enhancement to the text and descriptions and are less action based than other MMO games.

Collectible Card Games (MMOCCG): Basically an online version of familiar card trading games, some are online only while others are born out of existing games with loyal followers.

Dancing Games (MMODG): After the popularity of dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution, where players earn points by hitting the appropriate arrow on a dance mat, the world expanded with MMO.

First Person Shooter (MMOFPS): A trendy style of gameplay that allows players to engage in combat from the first person perspective.

Management Games (MMOMG): This type of game leaves the fantasy world and lets entrepreneurs run their own little world from the comfort of their own homes.

Puzzle Games (MMOPG): For those who enjoy strategy and solving puzzles, it doesn’t have to be a solo game, as there is a world of MMO for that, too.

Racing Games (MMOR): Racing video games have been popular nearly since the birth of video games, and MMOR brings a whole new level where players don’t always have to beat the computer-they can beat someone halfway across the world.

Real Time Strategy (MMORTS): These games take place in a persistent world where players are often in charge of their own armies as they take on the role of a ruler.

Role Playing Games (MMORPG): Players control the action of their character or other characters while navigating an online world. This is one of the most common and widespread types of game that is often paired up with different categories, as a first-person shooter or bulletin board game.

Rhythm/Music Games (MMORG): For the musically inclined, this is a type of game that lets them become a rock star without all the fanfare.

Social Games (MMOSG): Rather than having a certain goal or achievement to meet, social games are online communities that often take place in a virtual world that is designed with socialization in mind.

Sports Games (MMOSG): Even those who aren’t athletically inclined and become a pro athlete in the world of MMO Sports Games, which are usually focused around the usual major league sports.

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