Four Games to Try for Those New to the World of MMO Games

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Four Games to Try for Those New to the World of MMO Games

With the world of MMO games constantly growing and evolving, and games branching outside of the traditional shooter games and fantasy worlds, those who haven’t yet gotten involved in massively multiplayer online games often find intrigue in the concept of playing a game. People start playing for many reasons, and some do so instead of watching television in the evening or reading a book. Others enjoy the socialization aspect and have met many different people through these expansive online communities. It is easy to understand why someone may be drawn to such a world, and often those who are new to the concept don’t know where to begin.
For those who are looking to become involved in online gaming, there are many names they may be familiar with just by staying abreast of pop cultures, such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy, but there are dozens of other games on the market that are great places to begin the world of online gaming.

Champions Online

For those who really aren’t into the fantasy scene, Champions Online is a superhero game, which provides an online world that isn’t as fantastical as other games, which makes it a smooth transition for those who are just being introduced to the world. It also provides an excellent set of tutorials to guide players through the game and help them become comfortable with how to play. It can be a little complicated at times once in the game, but it’s fun from the start, so players find themselves engrossed from the get-go.


A game that many people outside of the MMO world have probably heard about, Runescape is decorated as the first online gaming. This may be because it is geared towards younger players, but that serves as a benefit to new players because it isn’t overly complex. It offers new players a multitude of resources, be it their wiki or tutorials, as well as guides to help familiarize players with various commands and controls. It gives players skills and a foundation for a play that can be graduated to other games once a player is ready for new horizons.


With a name like Wizard101, it comes as no surprise that the game is geared towards beginners in the world of MMO gaming. While technically, it is a children’s game, this has not deterred adults from giving it a shot to play. As players are introduced to the game, they are given a great set of tutorials and gameplay wizards to help them learn the game. It isn’t as fast paced as some games, so it gives players an opportunity to get accustomed with how to play the game and to think of their next move.

World of Warcraft

You’ve heard about it, and there’s a reason! It’s a gateway MMO game for many players. It is straightforward for a beginner to play and get used to and for many reasons. The tutorials for new players are simple yet informative and provide a solid foundation of play for those who have just been introduced to the game. It also is free for the first 20 levels, which makes it a great way to try before you buy. People can get an idea of whether or not they like playing this type of game before they commit to purchasing it. Other than that, there are tons of resources for people, and there is a good chance that players know someone who will give them a hand if they run into trouble.

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