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Friendly MMOS To Kids

Almost anyone who has a kid knows that kids are clumsy and they are as playful as a kitten. Kids are sensitive, and their growth and development should be keenly monitored. No one should deny them the independence and time to have fun since they have no any other time to do the childish stuff that they do. They love games, yet they have to study and other stuff that pertains to their development. It is imperative to note that the innocence of kids makes them very easy to train, and their level of absorption is relatively high. They are able to figure out the concept of a game faster as opposed to adults. Moreover, the vocabularies that are employed by MMOs form the language of most kids. It is therefore of the essence to have a standard way of gaming for the kids. Any decadence of morals that is attributed to gaming should not be allowed. The games should serve to open up their brain, socialize, and have fun. Nothing more should a kid derive from MMOs. There should be an age limit for most of the games that are played either on phone or computers. Some of the MMOs that can be played by kids are discussed hereunder:

Animal Jam

It is a free to play MMO whose developer is Wild Works and National Geographic.Animal Jam The game allows the players to fashion their own unique animal jam character, and use the same character to adventure. The players can as well use the animal that they develop to adopt pets, furnish or decorate a home. Moreover, animal jam has other mini-games that the players can engage in. It is accessible through web browsers. It is not a heavy game that can jam your operating system; it is relatively easy to be carried by your hard disc. It is compatible with several operating systems, and it can be updated once you get online.

Star Stable

It is a fantastically free to play 3-D MMO that allows players to breed and ride horses of their choice. Start Stable is available in your web browser. Players participate in different races as they customize their horses with an assortment of various rolling equipment as they adventure across the land of Jorvik.

Oh My Dollz

This is another free to play MMO that is readily available in your web browser.Oh My Dollz Players created their own doll and used it to play virtual dress up, hairstyles, clothing, and other accessories. Players interact with each other in virtual chat rooms, and they endeavor to unlock new items for their dolls, furnish their apartments, and to create a new online lifestyle.


It is another free to play game that is available in your web browser. Players aim at developing the best possible zoo that will satisfy the needs of the visitors. They also tend to their zoo through feeding and cleaning them. The game is very colorful, fun and casual to play. It has embedded social features for a chat in virtual rooms.

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