Equilibrated Willy

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About Equilibrated Willy Game

Have you met Willy before? He is a penguin who loves all types of games, and more than that, he likes to test his powers and see what he can do. If you think that you can have some fun with him, play the Equilibrated Willy game, and see how much you can keep Willy on the ice cube. The purpose of the game is not to fall and keep Willy for as much time as you can on top of the cube. Willy loves to spend time doing crazy things so you can keep him company. However, it will not be as easy as it seems. You will notice that all the time there will be snowballs falling from the sky. If the snowballs touch the bar, they will tilt it, making Willy move from one side to the other. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to equilibrate Willy, to get more points. It will not be so hard after you manage to get used to the way the gravity works. From time to time, you will see that there will fall some bonuses. Catch them all to make your job easier. When an item drops, just point towards it and click on it to catch them. The snowballs will become bigger and bigger once the time passes. When Willy falls, the game is over, and you will be able to see your final score. Do not give up too fast, and keep on doing the good work. You will manage to do it in the end. Good luck.

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