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What do you say about helping the others finish their work in time? If you feel like today is a good day for charity and helping your friends, then the Ice Breakers game is the right thing for you. The Penguins need a lot of help to build the city before the employer comes to visit. They want to surprise him and what other better way to do it, than with a brand new city? To do it, they need different blocks of tiles. There are thirty-five levels to pass to construct the perfect city. Match blocks of three of the same color tiles to make them disappear. On the left side of the screen, you have the number of tiles that you need to finish the level. Make sure you collect them all before the tile runs out. You can see the timer right next to the number of tiles. With each level that passes, you will have to collect more and more tiles. Once you finish one level, the Penguins will get to work, and they start building the city. It would be a shame not to finish the job before the employer comes. It is a perfect opportunity for you to help them get through it and see them happy. Use your mouse to switch the tiles` place. Take your time to think about your moves, but do not waste too much time because the penguins depend on you. We are sure that you will make a great team with the penguins and that everything will be fine in the end. Good luck!

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