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Welcome to the Ice World game. Today you will be able to explore the beauty of the world made of ice, where many penguins and other animals live. Would not it be great to spend some time with the Penguins and find out how they have fun and what they do when they get bored? Now you have the chance to see it all, and even have fun with them. The game has only one rule that you need to respect. You have to collect some flags, in the right order. You will have the order on the lower part of your screen. First, get the right flag, followed by the green one, the blue flag, and the yellow one and in the end, the magenta flag. You will not be able to collect the flags in other order. You will use the arrow keys on your keyboard to jump from one tile to the other and get the flags. Some tiles might be missing, and you need to double jump. To do it, press the Spacebar at the same time you press the arrow key that you need. However, be very careful, one double jump will reduce your score with five simple hops. You need to think wisely before you use a double jump, or you can end trapped on one tile. To have a top view, press the Shift button. Your final score depends on the number of jumps you have made, and on the time that passed during the game. So, do not wait for too much and do not think about your moves for a long time. Just jump around, collect flags and have fun.

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