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About Kiwi`s Quest Game

Do you know Kiwi? He is a little animal who seems to love everyone. He is very polite, and today he has a special quest, at the zoo. If you want to find out more things about him and the adventure he has, play the Kiwi’s Quest game, and have a pleasant time! The game is so entertaining that you will never get bored while you play it! Use the W key on your keyboard to jump, the D key to walk in front of you, and the A key to go back. On your way, you will meet different characters and animals from the zoo. Anytime you pass through someone, Kiwi will say a few words. Pay attention to them because it can be useful at some point in your little trip. You can also use the left, right and up arrow keys to move and jump. It does not matter, as long as you have fun on the way. Another good thing is that no matter how far you are, you can always turn back at the beginning. Once you are in the arctic zone, you will meet a polar bear, which will not be very friendly to you at the beginning. To calm him down, and to make him let you pass, you have to give him something in return. You will see that everyone you meet on your way will be very happy. They all have beautiful red balloons. You have to turn back and get a red balloon for the polar bear. Once you do it, he will let you go further until the end.

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