Orca Slap - Part 2

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About Orca Slap - Part 2 Game

Yeti is well known for being big and scary, but in reality, he is a big lover of sports, and he likes to have fun as much as anyone else does. Today he decided to combine these two activities, and he went out for an Orca Slap - Part 2 game with the penguins. He asked the whale to join them, so the penguins can jump and with the help of the whale, they will be catapulted through a wall of ice and snow. When they are in the air, Yeti has to throw snowballs and aim for the penguins. If he hits them, the Penguins will end up on the wall of ice and snow, bringing you points. You have to point the mouse cursor to the direction where you want to throw, and click anywhere on the screen right after the penguin jumps. You have to try to collect as many points as you can. If you do not hit the penguins, they will go back in the water, and you will gain no points. Even if this will happen, and it looks like you cannot hit any penguins, do not worry. You will get them eventually. The game can go on and on until you finally manage to capture the penguins on the big wall. If you give up too fast, everything will be in vain, because you will miss all the fun. Standby Yeti and help him practice sports and enjoy the day at the same time. You can have some good moments while you do it.

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