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About Penguin Diner Game

Imagine having your restaurant where people come and eat all the time. A place where you can cook all the time and serve the customers with the best products. You can live a day like that in the Penguin Diner game. All the penguins are coming to try the food in a new restaurant where you work. Make sure they are happy during the time they stay and serve them with everything they need. One a customer arrives, click on him to seat him at a table. Pick the table where you want him to stay, and give him some time to decide what he wants. The customers will raise their hands and say hello when they are ready to order. To take the order, you need to click on the customer, or on the table. When the food is over, it will be in the serving area. Click on it to carry to the right table. Once the customer finishes his meal, click on the table to collect the money and to clean it. Make sure you keep an eye on the clock. You need to collect as much money as you can until nine o`clock. If your customers get angry, you can collect their trash and throw it in the trash can. If you keep all the customers happy, Penny will receive more money, and she will make the target. When the day is over, you can upgrade your restaurant. Help Penny do her job right and see how it is to own a place like this. Good luck!

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