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About Penguin Skate 2 Game

Welcome to the Penguin Skate 2 game. Today you will go to the most incredible adventure that you have ever been till now. If you are ready for some ice skating with your favorite penguin, then take your skating shoes and let`s go. The game has two different parts. On the first part of the game, you need to go down on a hill, collecting Christmas candy bars. To finish the first part, you have to collect fifty candies while you skate. You can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to lean back on forward, and the Spacebar to jump. Be careful because if you lean too much, you can roll and fall. More than this, if you do not press the Spacebar when you need, you can lose your lives. You have only five lives for both of the parts of the game. Do not waste them. Once you finish the first part, you will go to the second one. Here you will skate on ice, trying to avoid the obstacles. You will lose a life every time you get into a hole. Collect the Christmas candy bars on the way. On the second part of the game, you will be able to use all the arrow keys, and also the Spacebar. Be careful of the lack of ice. Jump as high as you can to avoid it. Make sure you get to the finish line with all the candies that you need. Do not give up on the first tries. Keep on practicing until you become the best.

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