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Penguins are weird beings they have all sorts of unusual habits, and even their looks do not seem too normal for me at least. They are among the few birds that cannot fly under any circumstances, and they also might be the only ones that know how to swim, and they even seem to enjoy that. At least baby penguins are some of the cutest small creatures on earth. They are fluffy and fat, what more can you ask for? Those little black eyes that look like beads and the tiny chirp they make when they are hungry are sure to melt one`s heart in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, they grow up and become as weird as their parents, and to make things even eerier for you, they now even like to spin. At least they do in Penguin Spinner Game. It makes them feel as if they are at an entertainment park or inside a carousel. Make them feel dizzy and spin them all at the same time. First, choose the level of difficulty, I suggest you select the easy one first to get used to the game, and later on, go for something more challenging. The aim is to make each bird make pirouettes at the same time, to do that, move it with the cursor. It might take a few tries to get a grip on it, but you will get there. Here`s some advice, start from a corner and continue with the ones around until you finish them all, this way you will not stop some from spinning while trying to move others. Have fun!

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