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About Penguins Can Fly Game

Did you know that the penguins could fly too? Even if you find this thing somewhat impossible, we are here to remind you that you are wrong and that they not only that can fly, but they are amazing when it comes about it. If you do not believe us, play the Penguins Can Fly game, and see for yourself that this is not just a lie. You will start from level one, and once you through each new stage, you will be able to get your name on the high score table or select which level you want to play. The rules of the game are easy. Using your mouse, move the little penguin from one tile to the other. The penguin will fly when you keep your mouse cursor to the upper side of the screen. On almost every tile, you have coins, stars, hearts and many other goodies for you to collect. Make sure you collect everything on your way, so you get more points and lives. When the Penguin reaches the last tile, a white and black flag will let you know that you approached the finish line. Do your best to get here before the time runs out, or the penguin will fall, and you need to start the level again. Once you pass the levels, you need to take care of the obstacles that pop up in your way. Do not let the penguin fall or get hurt. You only have one life, and you need to take good care of it. Are you convinced now that the penguins do fly? We think that we managed to change your mind about it, so go have fun.

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