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Penny, the penguin, has once again left home for an adventure and this time she has gone fishing at the ancestral fishing grounds. There is no wonder why, there is the best fish that one penguin can find, the only downside is that you have to get them first if you plan to get the best ones. Good thing her friend Paul is here to help, he has got the latest GPS technology and is willing to take a break from work and guide her through the obstacles on the shortest way possible in Penny & Pauls Adventures Game. The aim is to get Penny to the Exit sign until she reaches the fishing place. Control her using the arrows on the keyboard. Once a key pressed she will slide in the direction in which the arrow is pointing. What makes it a challenge to move her around is that she will slide until she meets an obstacle or until she gets to the edge of the area. So in order to move her without fooling around you will have to think in advance a bit and imagine the trail which she will follow. On her journey, new obstacles installed by some multinational companies at the north pole will make everything even more complicated. She will have to pass over treadmills, to move switches that change the way in which the treadmills moves and even some discs that will direct her to an entirely other direction clockwise and counter-clockwise. Sounds kind of complicated, right? It will be much simpler when you get to play it for real, and the instructions are clear and straightforward, so no worries there. Good luck to you and Penny too!

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