Pingu Throw - Part 1

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About Pingu Throw - Part 1 Game

It is so cold outside. It looks like the North Pole has moved to our town. If you look closely, you can see someone playing in the snow. It is Yeti and his friends, the penguins. It is clear that they are having fun. If you want to spend the day with them, play the Pingu Throw - Part 1 Game, and let yourself enjoy the day. The rules of the game are as easy as a snowflake. The Penguins will jump off a cliff every time you press click on the screen. During this time, Yeti will get ready to hit them, as in baseball. Make sure you hit the penguins as hard as you can, so they travel a long distance in the snow. The range will be measured, and according to how many kilometers you go, you will receive some points. Do your best to collect as many points as you can so you will have a high score at the end of the game. If you do not hit the penguins at the right time, they will fall in the snow, bringing you no points. More than that, if you do not hit them hard enough, they will only travel a short distance, making you gain just a few points. Do not give up on the first tries, and go on playing baseball with Yeti and the penguins. You will see soon enough that you can have a lot of fun, even if it is cold outside. Good luck!

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