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What do you do when you get bored at the north pole, where are far fewer types of entertainment compared to the big cities? Well, you make use of what you have got around. The penguins around here are very creative, and they invent the most unusual was of entertainment. This time they found the biggest slope in the north and a friendly boar that is a little bit nuts, but that stays between the two of us, which is willing to be thrown high into the sky. How is he going to fly, you ask? Using a rocket, of course, one that was tied to him by the penguins. Sounds promising already. The aim of the game is to keep the boar in the air as long as possible, without hitting the ice. Once he touches it, it is game over for you. First, adjust the height of the slope by pressing the up and down arrow keys. Think which way is the best: if it is higher, the animal will go higher and slower, if it is lower, it will fly faster, and at a lower altitude. Once he is in the air, move the penguins that are holding the net according to the arrow there that tells you where our brave pilot is going to fall. Just like the thunder, he never strikes in the same place twice so be careful! If he hits the ground at that speed, it will inevitably cause him some painful injuries, but after all, do not blame yourself, he is the one who agreed to do that in the first place. Now go ahead and play!

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