Seal Bounce - Part 3

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About Seal Bounce - Part 3 Game

Are you ready for some quality time with Yeti and the Penguins? Yeti wants to have fun while he throws the penguins up in the air. If you think that it is time for you to spend some time at the North Pole, and see how life goes on there, then do not wait anymore and start playing the Seal Bounce Game - Part 3! When you are ready to the Penguins, click anywhere on the screen and Yeti will start to roll the Penguins. The next time you click on the screen, he will throw them very hard, making them roll into the air. The highest the Penguins go, the more points you will collect. From time to time, they will stop to show you the new record distance they traveled. When the Penguins start falling down, you have another chance to collect points, and that is if they hit the special places, which will make them bounce more. Be careful not to drop the Penguins when you set them free, because if you do, you will get no points, and you have to try again. Even if it seems a bit harder at first, do not give up and continue to throw them as much as you can. You will be able to do it in the end. If you want to have an entire experience of the game, let the sound of the game on. You can as well turn the sound off by pressing the S key on your keyboard. Enjoy the game!

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