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What can be more fun than skating on ice? Everyone loves this activity, and so do all the penguins from the North Pole. They would go sliding every day. Today it is the perfect opportunity for you to do the same thing and to have some fun in the Sliding Penguin game. All you have to do is take your spirit for adventure with you and do not forget to have fun. The Penguins need a little bit of help to slide perfectly. Using the mouse, click on it and hold to drag it behind. The speed will appear next to the penguin. Make sure you use a moderate pace because if you are going too fast, the penguin will not end up in the circle where he has to land. Also, if the speed is too low, the penguin will not travel the distance required, and you will lose a life. Make sure the penguin lands on the circle on the screen. When the ring turns green, it means that the penguin is in the right place. Only after they stop and they are in the circle, you will score some points, and you will be able to pass to the next level. Before you get to the next level, you will be able to see the distance that you traveled, the time in which you did it, and the points you collected. If you do not pass the level, you will lose a life, but you have the opportunity to start again. You can reset one level anytime you want. Be careful because some levels have different objects that will slow you down, or which will make you faster. Choose the speed wisely so you can pass all the levels in the shortest time. Remember that you will start a new level with the number of lives that you from the previous one. Good luck!

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