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About Turbocharged Penguins Game

On a cold but sunny day, you can find many things to do if you have a little bit of imagination. The penguins decided to have a competition today, and see which one of them can jump higher than the other ones. Play the Turbocharged Penguins game, and help them reach one hundred and twenty meters up in the air. The Penguins are waiting for you outside lined up, and all you have to do is click on them to make them jump. When you click on them, they will execute a jump. Be careful because they can jump only for five meters at once. The moment they stop and start falling down, you have to click on them again very quickly so they will remain in the air. Try to every penguin and see which one goes further. If you do not reach one hundred and twenty meters, the game ends, and you have to try again. The moment you reach that step, you will be able to submit your score to the turbocharged leaderboard. More than that, if you manage to keep the penguins up in the air for an even longer distance, you can be on top three on the leaderboard. No matter what happens, you should keep playing the game and do not give up after the first attempts. Once you practice more, you will see that it will become easier for you to click on the penguins while they are in the air. We wish you the best of luck and do not forget to have fun.

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