So Your Kid Won’t Stop Talking About Club Penguin

So Your Kid Won’t Stop Talking About Club Penguin Image

So Your Kid Won’t Stop Talking About Club Penguin

So it seems your child has taken up an interest in arctic wildlife lately, as the talk of penguins has hardly subsided. The mention of some club has come up on several occasions, and finally, your kid asks you if he can play the online game Club Penguin. While there are penguins in the game, it is not so much about the Arctic, but an MMO, a massively multiplayer online game. Many parents have trepidations about letting their little ones play an online game, but for Club Penguin, created by Disney, safety is of utmost importance.

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What is this game all about anyway?

Designed to give children a safe place to play games, socialize with other kids, and create their own fantasy world, Club Penguin is filled with different gaming options to entertain and delight children. Aside from playing games in this online world, they can customize their penguin avatar, decorate their online igloo, adopt virtual pets, chat with friends, participate in online events and be provided with new content each week to keep things fresh and exciting. The games vary in style, as some are puzzles, while others involve battling or skills of wit.

How are children safe in a game filled with millions of strangers?

Club Penguin takes the safety of their users very seriously, so much so that it has been noticed by many of their safety partners who are willing to put their seal of approval on the game. Aside from offering a filtered chat and live moderators, they also let their users earn in-game credits from taking an online safety course and quiz which encourages safe online practices for youngsters. They also offer a comprehensive parental guide to help parents communicate with their children the importance of not sharing personal information including name, age, location, password or any other private information. They also encourage children to be open with their parents should anything unscrupulous happen.

Why do my kids want me to buy them a membership?

A paid membership opens many virtual doors for players, from upgraded pets to their first taste of home ownership with the purchase of an igloo. They also have a larger wardrobe available for the penguins and can participate in games and events that are set aside for members only. Users don’t have to become members to play, but the game does an excellent job of convincing children that they need to have the latest and greatest penguin fashion.

Is this game educational for children?

The game developers strived to make the game not only fun but a place where kids can learn and grow healthy life habits. The games themselves can help them work on hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, motor skills and even help them learn to type. Children can also use the game as their creative outlet as they design their penguin’s igloos and outfits. Kids also learn the importance of teamwork as they work with other players to solve mysteries and find their way out of mazes. Best of all, it teaches children the importance of managing their money appropriately, as they save up the coins they earn to make larger in-game purchases.

Will parents also like the game?

Parents may get a kick out of the game the first time they check it out for their children, but you probably won’t find yourself coming back for more. Besides with the plethora of options out there for adult games, it would be silly to play this. But when it comes to parents liking the game for their children, it is usually a home run.

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