Why Your Child Loves Club Penguin

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Why Your Child Loves Club Penguin

With a name like Club Penguin, what’s not to love? This MMO game geared towards little ones is popular with over 200 million accounts. It gives children a safe outlet to socialize online, even with strangers from across the world; all while having a fun time and creating their own online world. They can play games, adopt pets, design their very own igloo, and have their own online piggy (or pengy) bank.

There are many reasons both kids, and parents, too, love this game. Parents enjoy the safety of the game, and being developed by Disney Online, it gives them the peace of mind that only a trusted company can provide. They also like the educational values, from teaching kids to save their (virtual) money to buy things they want, to having them use their brains to problem solve. Best of all, their kids are having fun without even knowing they’re learning valuable things. So we know why parents love it, now why do the kiddos, too?

Penguins are Cute

Kids and parents unanimously agree that penguins are pretty darned cute, and they are even sweeter when you can dress them up in adorable penguin outfits, and make friends with other adorable penguins. There are even penguin parties! They’re even cuter when they’re hanging out with familiar Disney characters, and some penguins can even become the penguin of the week.

Who Hasn’t Tried to Build an Igloo in the Winter?

One of the saving graces of the cold of winter is the thought of possibly building an igloo, but in Club Penguin, kids can have their very own igloo without the cold fingers to go along with it. In the game, players are given an igloo to decorate and fill up with stuff to their heart’s content. Much like the real world of real estate, youngsters can save up their coins to upgrade their igloo into one of the dozens of deluxe igloos. From an Estate Igloo to a Split Level Igloo, kids get their first look into what they can get when they save their money. They can even get a tree house.

Duh! Socialization, Ma

Kids love to hang out with friends, which serves as a way to help them become socialized. In Club Penguin, they can have friends from anywhere and can chat by using appropriate ways to keep the conversations going. So even when you’re too tired to have a flock of kids come over, your child is home with a cold, your children have a chance to “hang out” with their friends in a safe way.

No Creepy Old People

With some online games that aren’t just geared towards children, adult players can get a little rowdy or rough around the edges. And kids have heard horror stories of other youngsters meeting creepy people online, and don’t want to do that themselves. At Club Penguin, they have nothing to worry about! With language filters, recommended messages to send and real live moderators, kids are able to play the game without worry.

Having a Pet without Cleaning the Poop

What child hasn’t begged their parent for a puppy or kitten, but once it comes time to clean up their messes suddenly they’ve lost their charm. In Club Penguin, kids can adopt pets to take care of and play with, and there are no smelly messes to clean up. Little do the kids know that they are also learning valuable responsibility skills, disguised as a fun game!

It’s Free!!!

As kids save up their coins, they realize the value of money and are pleased to find out that this game is free to play. If they want to upgrade, they can buy a membership, but they don’t have to! How fun.

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